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GIMEL is on point when the hunt is on.


The letter C is one to watch out for: it offers ecstasy of the hunt! The escapism of urban life. Patchouli and Musk provide excitement and thrill. Tonka brings courage in times of confusion. The camouflage of the animalistic Ambergris tones and the green notes of BergamotRose and Freesia will protect you and keep you safe. A scented trail of Oak and Sandalwood whizzes through the air and strikes effectively. Elemi – the embalming resin of ancient Egyptians – guides the transition of the spirit to the other side. The spicy notes of Pepper and Saffron symbolize resurrection and return. Behold the miracle of the circle of life.

GIMEL is a not to be missed perfume to share* that will enchant and activate you.




GIMEL – The third letter of our alphabet. The character C has its origins in the 4000-year-old use of a throwing stick. This kind of boomerang was often used during bird hunting on the Nile River. Lying on the grassy banks of the river. Waiting for the right moment to strike. GLYPHS offers you a typographic olfactory lineage through time.


* All GLYPHS perfumes are to share for her and him

GIMEL – 50ml

€ 250,00Prijs
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