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BETH takes you back to that secure place we call home


Let yourself be welcomed by the letter B: a homecoming with open arms. There is nothing better than the cosiness of your home. Almost sacred, because of the Cedarwood incense. The floral expression of Freesia offers confidence and security. Bergamot leaves you relaxed and able to open up to others. Gather around the fireplace of some Roasted Chestnuts. When finally the sensual notes of Musk makes you want to snuggle up and crawl into the long, cosy night.

BETH is a warm and comfortable perfume to share* that embraces you and doesn't let go.




BETH – The second letter of our alphabet. The character B has its origins in a 4000 year old floor plan of a house. Made from reed and clay from the river. The house had an open roof for the central fireplace, making it a comfortable and safe home. Yet a home is much more than just bricks and mortar. GLYPHS offers you a typographic olfactory lineage through time.


* All GLYPHS perfumes are to share for her and him

BETH – 50ml

€ 250,00Prijs
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