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ALEPH is the perfume for moments that demand something exceptional from you.


Harness the immense power of the letter A! The ox is a beast of burden that gets things done. This perfume heightens your senses through Animalic notes. Empowers you with self-awareness and confidence from Fragipanier Absolute. It will propel you to great heights with Hay Absolute, plucked from the high alpine terrain of France. Patchouli opens the mind and heart, elevates the senses and connects with your true inner being. Enjoy the balancing effect of Vetiver, which helps you focus your mind, organize distracted thoughts and overcome intellectual fatigue. While Rose Oxide adds a lustrous brightness to your presence that others can't deny.


All this makes ALEPH a powerful to share* parfum with the force of nature that should not be underestimated.




ALEPH – The first letter of our alphabet. The abstract sign A finds its origin in a 4000 year old depiction carved in stone of an ox head. The ox was one of the most important companions of our ancestors. A real powerhouse that pulled a heavy iron plow over the land so that it could be worked for crops. The ox even connects us with our most distant ancestors who had no letters, but made drawings on rock walls. GLYPHS offers you a typographic olfactory lineage through time.


* All GLYPHS perfumes are to share for her and him

ALEPH – 50ml

€ 250,00Prijs
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